Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No Sugar Day 4

All good. No cravings. I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.

The test today will be bible study morning tea. Don't touch the cake.


  1. Bible study and church morning teas have been the hardest challenge for me! I usually have some emergency crackers or nuts on hand.

  2. Hope you can resist the temptation. We have our Bible study in a cafe at the moment and it can be very hard to resist the oversized muffins and cake slices in the display case. We're supposed to try to support the business since they give us a room to meet in rent-free, but I'm trying to avoid buying something every single week....or else I just get a pot of tea :)

  3. My strategy for dealing with bible study/play group morning teas is I get up 30 min earlier than normal to do an extra 30 min of exercise to burn the extra calories I know I'm going to consume that day. And limiting myself to 1-2 small things at morning tea.

    (obviously this doesn't apply to a total sugar elimination diet)