Saturday, November 10, 2012

Life lessons for my biggest son

going to 'a' party.

1. Wear ironed clothes.
2. Brush your hair.
3. She'll appreciate the present more if you've put some effort into the wrapping. Make it look pretty. Probably don't use the superman wrapping paper.
4. Choose a small card. The bigger the card, the more you have to write. (Extra points if the card matches the wrapping paper.)

I know you don't understand why these things matter, but trust me. They do.


  1. Love no. 3 - unless she's also a Superman fan or otherwise into DC Comics. Just don't wrap things the way that a friend of mine used to (I sometimes think that as we got older she took a perverse delight in doing this) - wrap it in paper then put so much tape on it that one is forced to rip the paper or use scissors to open it.

  2. Love it.

    But I'd let him use the superman wrapping paper.