Saturday, November 24, 2012

the new me

Andrew says that one of the down sides of a big move and a new situation is that you have to take yourself. Flaws and all.

I say No.

With this new move I am going to reinvent myself.

I will be different person.

I will be outrageously organised.

Paperwork? I'll be the queen of paperwork! I will not procrastinate with permission forms. I will open envelopes with typed addresses. Heck, I'll even fill in the 7 year old CCLI form that they've sent and resent about 40 times now.

I will be a Getting Things Done devotee. Or maybe I'll even write my own book so others can learn from my mad organisational skillz.

I will no longer lose things. Everything will have it's own special spot and I'll put things back in the right place not just into some random cupboard to get them out of sight.

I will be brave enough to draw up and send out a roster. I will ask people to do things well in advance. I will not say yes to what I can't do.

I will do grocery shopping for more than one day at a time. (If Jesus returns, the poor folks who are left behind can eat it.) Maybe I'll write a shopping list.

Just wait, friends. Next year you'll need to be introduced to the new me.


  1. Simone, you made me laugh a lot here. Don't reinvent that part of you!

  2. Inspiring! I shall join you and always put my clothes away instead of leaving them on the end of the bed, never leave the dishes to tomorrow morning and mark all my students' work as soon as I get it.


  3. You'll be just like me ;) But that doesn't sound very exciting....

    I've moved into new situations a few times now. And sad to say, once the novelty of the new place has worn off, the old me quickly comes out again. But hey, I'm looking forward to plenty of posts from you about filled-in forms, organised homes, and weekly meal plans when you get to Cairns!

  4. Bwahahahaha!

    It's like I tell Mum - she won't be successful in confining Dad's 'stuff' to one room in the new location if she's not doing that already.

    Are you already packing? Have you found all those wonderful things that disappeared in the last move? We were once told by a real estate agent that the way to not hoard is to move every five years. At the time we didn't believe him because our experience was throwing anything not already sorted and packed into a box because the movers were coming within three days so we still paid to move junk. Now, after several more moves of our own and looking at my parents' place (been there for over 40 years) I'd have to agree with him.

  5. Our stuff is getting packed for us, but I'll be doing some sorting and chucking (I hope!) We are getting a skip.