Thursday, October 11, 2012

Year 6 and 7 compositions

I've been spending a stupid amount of time marking and recording my year 6 and 7 kids' compositions. The task was that they had to make up a song with at least a verse and chorus, attempt to chord it up, and make a rough demo recording (using audacity, garage band, and iPod or smart phone.) From there I did a basic backing track and I'm now in the process of recording the kids' vocals.

It's been a ridiculous amount of work, but I'm pleased with the results so far. Here is one I've finished - Moved On- I think it's lovely. This particular student wrote it all by herself - every word, every note, every chord.


  1. Alanis Morisette eat your heart out. ;)

  2. Amazing. What a great music teacher she must have ;)

  3. Wow.

    And poor chick. Hope relationships get less rocky for her - she's too young :/.

  4. I second the 'poor chick' sentiment - awful that popular music is so powerfully creating the categories of relationship that a girl in year 6/7 writes something like this, so well.

    However, I think the 'wow' sentiment is well deserved. Simply awesome song writing. Gratz to girl and teacher.

  5. Agreed - that is extraordinary. I'm not sure I knew what a chord was in year 6!