Sunday, October 28, 2012

An Announcement

This morning, Cairns Presbyterian church voted to 'call' Andrew to be their lead minister. Andrew has accepted the call and we'll be moving north in January. 

This has been in the pipeline for quite a while. 

We've been in Clayfield for almost ten years now and have put down roots. It hurts to tear them up. We're horribly sad to be leaving our church and our friends and our families but think that this is right - both for our church and for Cairns.

We're excited and daunted about what's ahead.

We'd appreciate your prayers.


  1. I agree. May the transition be a smooth one :)

  2. God bless you guys in your move and ministry.

  3. But do they know about the bum-shaped Bibles??

    Gospel pain - it will be sad to move, but great news for Cairns. Will be praying.

  4. Big loss for Clayfield, big gain for Cairns. Praying that all the details of the move (both big & small) go smoothly. We'll miss you at network lunches! Stu & Cathy x

  5. Sad that you'll be so far away :( But good news for Cairns, definitely :)
    Too late now....but our church is currently on the hunt for a second minister. If only we'd known that a few months earlier...
    All the best as you plan for your move. Cairns is a pretty nice place to live. Lots of lush tropical green gardens to enjoy. You'll need to keep an eye out for mould in your wardrobes though.

  6. Every blessing for a new season.

  7. Wonderful news. It is so hard to be in grief at the prospect of moving when you have to do it secretly. I am sure you must be relieved that the news is out. God bless you richly in the finishing up, the farewells, the moving and the starting up. Take good care. And probably, given what lies ahead in the next couple of months, don't do any more music tests with eight melodic dictations.

  8. What? Brisbane not hot enough for you?

    Praying from here.

    1. Brisbane is freezing. It is almost November and I'm still in long sleeves. Stupid.

  9. Wow, big news! I hope and pray that it's the start of a great new chapter for you guys.

  10. Awesome news. We'll be sorry to have so much distance between us again, but very encouraged and will be praying.

  11. hey guys, that's a big step. Pray that all the details work out well. Hard to believe that you have been at Clayfield ten years!