Friday, August 31, 2012

sick children

Even the youngest couldn't make it to school today. He got up and put on his uniform, but conceded pretty quickly that the 20 meter walk from our front door to the school gate was more than he could manage. He's been lying down all day.

We watched prehistoric creatures die on Walking With Dinosaurs and played Ticket To Ride on my Macbook (he wasn't up to the board game version!)

Child #2 also had today off. Now he wants to drive to my parents house to pick up his birthday present (3 books)* and come home again tonight. It's a 3 hour round trip. Child #1 and I want to sleep over there. Child #3 doesn't want to go anywhere.

I need to make a decision in the next 5 minutes.

*I foolishly promised that we would go and pick up his presents if he read some other books that we already had at home. He read them this morning and is holding me to it.


  1. metre
    Hope they're all get better soon.
    Did you go to your parents?

  2. I hope everyone is feeling better soon. A houseful of sickness isn't fun for anyone.

  3. We drove down and stayed over. Everyone is much better. Now trying to muster the energy to drive home...

  4. Hope you made it back safely. A lovely weekend to be here on the coast though :)