Monday, August 20, 2012

No spam for 3 days!

I think the spambots are off my back! I'll drop the word verification and see what happens.

[I've been getting heaps of very encouraging (This blog is informative and interesting. I'll be visiting it again.) and helpful (Check out my blog - Male Enhancements.) comments on my old posts. If a post is more than 2 weeks old, they come to me for email checking first. It was getting tedious.]


  1. I had an e-mail about a comment having been posted on one of my posts from 2009. It was spam and by the time that I got the message and looked at the post, Blogger must have automatically deleted it because that post page says there are no comments.

  2. You are very knowing on spamming and I like very much what you have written. This excellent post will keep me thinking for many days. Thank you for your insight and good tips. I will be reading you often and thinking again on your expert ideas. Please visit my blog and tell me how I write with your great skill.

    1. Love it!

      Except it would say 'You are very knowing on your subject...'

    2. Nice work, Deb. Are you getting much spam since you turned off word verification??

      I've had a few spam emails turning up in my inbox (thirty exactly the same on a single post, in fact...). Like Laetitia, they didn't seem to show up on the actual post so it looks like Blogger may have realised :)

    3. None. Shall I conclude that my blog is so hopelessly not worth noticing that not even the spammers can be bothered? Maybe they just haven't found anything that's really wise advice that will be helping them in their pursuits. Sad. I must try to improve my writing.