Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Heart Delights, version 3 billion.

Last chance for comments, guys. It gets recorded soon - probably this week. 

My heart delights

My heart delights
that Christ would leave his throne,
and come to earth
to claim us as his own.
God from eternity
shared our humanity!
Our God in flesh adorned
A child was born!
Jesus, Lord through all the ages
God from God and light from light
Came from heaven, brought salvation
Be alone my heart’s delight

My heart delights
that God would give himself
He sought no power, 

no honor and no wealth.
What love is this? What grace!
He suffered in my place!
He walked the road for me
To Calvary.

My heart delights
That I can live for him
And serve the one
Who freed me from my sin
Oh Spirit, light your fire!
Make him my one desire!
Burn through the coldest night
My heart’s delight.

sar 2012


  1. I'm puzzled with the chorus - is it addressing Jesus (a change from the verses, which would work well), or not? The last line leaves me uncertain...can't tell if that 'Be' is vocative or optative!

  2. Yes. It's addressing Jesus.

    For the last line I mean 'Jesus, be my heart's delight'

  3. In that case, it's the third line that's throwing me off that sense. I don't know that you cannot omit 'you' from the start of the line and have it parsed that way still...

    I'm not having much luck with suggestions - the best I can get is 'you left heaven, brought salvation'.

    It may be just me, of course.

  4. We changed that last line to 'Jesus be my heart's delight'

    Does that help?

  5. Sure. It means that the last line becomes a response to the first three - they're the indicative, and it's the optative. Works for me.

    Shame that it means lines 1 and 4 start the same, but you can't have everything!

  6. I really love the tension between the affirmation "My heart delights" in the verses and the wish "Be my heart's delight" at the end of the chorus. That is totally what the Christian life is like!

  7. To make the whole chorus "optative" (learned a new word right there) how about changing line 3 something like this:
    "Sent from heaven, my salvation:
    Be alone my heart's delight"

    (I always like a bit of punctuation to help articulate lyrics. Pity CCLI disagrees (that's another story))