Thursday, August 14, 2014

Unconsummated Love

I wrote this poem today, reflecting on the Vicky Beeching situation (VB is a high profile Christian songwriter, worship leader and performer who has just come out as gay and in favour of same sex marriage.) In contrast to our world that says that desire must be acted upon, I'm interested in capturing the sadness and beauty and hope of desire resisted for the sake of godliness. In this poem I've deliberately steered clear of painting the torridness of such attractions - that would be best done in a different poem.

unconsummated love

this song we’ve written
sits as sweetness on the page
as yet unsung
as yet unplayed
till it is heard
as a symphony
in another world.

sar 2014


  1. Simone, have you read Laura Smit's 'Loves Me, Loves Me Not: The Ethics of Unrequited Love'? I bought is as a $5 cheapie at Koorong but it ended up being worth much more! The intriguing part is her argument about where unfulfilled desire fits within an eschatological framework.

  2. Ooh! That is interesting! I'll read it.

    This poem isn't, of course, about unrequited love but the eschatological stuff might be related. Thanks.