Saturday, August 9, 2014


When our kids were babies and toddlers, I remember speaking with other mums about 'First Time Obedience' and how it was a desirable thing that our children do as we ask first time, without question, complaint or delay. Fourteen and a half years into the parenting gig, the concept of FTO seems, well... odd. Do I want our kids to be obedient? Overall, yes. Do I want them to hop to my command just because I command it? No (Okay. Sometimes I do.) Looking back, I don't think that FTO was something that I ever really wanted. Or maybe it was appropriate when the kids were very small but I moved away from it gradually as they grew. For the last decade I think I've wanted them to be respectful of us, but also independent and thoughtful. I'm not sure I this is compatible with First Time Obedience.

Thoughts? Is FTO something ever spoken of now?

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