Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ascension hymn

Our Lord’s enthroned
At God’s right hand
Let earth rejoice
And heaven sing
Earth’s foundations
Forever stable
All fears be gone 
For Christ is king

Our Lord’s enthroned
Now God and man
are joined as one
to rule and reign.
Oh child of dust
behold your glory
for Adam’s shame
has passed away.

Our Lord’s enthroned
Let not this world
of sin and death
cloud your sight.
The deepest darkness
heralds morning.
Soon trials will pass
and wrongs be right.

sar 2014


  1. It's very nice. Interesting instant gut response - it left me wanting to think more about the ascension. The brevity made me want to say more!

    Which doesn't necessarily mean you should change it, of course. Just emoting aloud here.

  2. I like it a lot. I like that it doesn't really feature me in it, unless you count "let earth rejoice". I'm not against congregational songs referring to us at all, but it's really awe inspiring because it's so Christ focussed with an eschatological vibe about it.