Monday, April 22, 2013

Two prayers about gay marriage

Dear Father

Many of us are troubled by the so called ‘marriage equality’ debate. We're confused about what we should think. It seems right that people should be able to marry whoever they like. Do you really forbid it? Father please help us to look carefully at your word. Give us the honesty to read what it actually says and the courage to obey it - whatever it might say. Please make us people who desire you ahead of all other things. Please help us to live for you so that Jesus may be honoured in all the world.



Many of us are troubled by the so called ‘marriage equality’ debate. We’re convinced that homosexual marriage isn’t your will and we can only imagine bad consequences for our society if it's allowed. As we see our world march further away from you, some of us feel threatened, some are frightened, and some are confused. Please help us not to be anxious. Let us be confident that Jesus is king and know that you are in control of all things.

Please guide us as we participate in the debate. Give us courage to speak when when we ought to speak and wisdom to know when we should stay quiet. Give us a good understanding of the issues and let us speak with compassion and graciousness, clarity and winsomeness. Father, it’s in our nature to be proud and self-righteous. Please dig this out of us. Make us always remember our own sin and be eager to speak about Jesus and the forgiveness he offers us.

Father, please be merciful to our world. Spare us from the worst consequences of our disobedience. Please provide stable, loving homes where children can grow up happy and secure. Please help men and women in the next generations to avoid actions that will cause them long term harm. Give us, your people, hearts that want to obey you and the self control we need to follow through on our convictions. We ask that in whatever the future holds, we will continue to preach your gospel with power and conviction so that Jesus’ name is honoured in all the world.


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