Friday, April 12, 2013

12 signs that you might be a narcissistic pastor

1. You name drop. A lot. Everyone knows that your real friends are other celebrities. And maybe you have the president or mayor on speed dial too.

2. You know you are more important than other pastors. You read church history and think you are up there with Luther, Whitfield and Wesley. You read the bible and think you are like an apostle. If only everyone else would realise it!

3. You think you don't need the same training as everyone else. Heck! You should be teaching college courses, not sitting in them!

4. You think your church by-laws should be re-written so that you can do whatever you want to do.

5. You know that the only reason why your church is successful is because you are in charge. 

6. You don't do menial tasks. Ever. (Unless you are about to preach a sermon on humility and want to use your own humility as an example.)

7. You get (rightly!) angry when other people disagree with you.

8. You pay close attention to your appearance.

9. You talk (brag) quite a lot about the growth of your church.

10. You know that you could do everything your congregation members / staff do as well, if not better than them.

11. Your extensive reading has made you knowledgable in most areas. You understand a lot about a lot of things.


  1. Number 12: Oh. My. Goodness. Marvellously shockingly awful.

  2. The idiot says, 'God is really among you'.

    Well, I guess at least they're being honest with themselves.

  3. Here's more info about the guy in #12.

  4. 13. You start lot's of sentences with "I believe that...."

    14. You think no. 12 is the most shocking on this list.

  5. Made my day Simone - laughing - nervously ... because they are all so true.

  6. Oh and we get a lot of No. 3 in uni ministry.

    'Surely someone like ME doesn't need training - what more is there to learn? I just want to get on with it.', says the all knowing 20 year old.

    'It' being running my own church - certainly not doing the bog standard ministry that is available to all people right now like teaching Sunday School or doing kid's club.

  7. I wrote "I believe..." in my sermon tonight. I changed it to "I think".

    1. Did you get rid of the reference to your smokin' hot wife as well?