Monday, April 8, 2013

Prayer for the Christian at work

Father God,

In all that I do today, strengthen me to conduct myself in a manner worthy of you. May I be thankful for all of your blessings, diligent and focussed in my work, respectful of those over me and considerate of those under me.  

If I am overwhelmed by pressing demands, give me a calm heart that remembers your sovereignty. If I am criticised, let me be neither crushed nor angered. If I am treated unjustly, let me reply with kindness. If I am belittled or bullied, let me forgive as Jesus has forgiven me. If I receive praise and admiration, let it slide off me as I remember that I am like the grass of the field, here today and gone tomorrow. 

Guard my lips from gossip, my heart from bitterness, my hands from idleness and my mind from distraction. Give me grace that in all I do I will follow my Lord Jesus Christ.



  1. Not just for those at work. Thanks Simone :)

  2. Yes. I like that. And I need it. Those pressing demands are pretty pressing right now...