Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good Friday kids' talk

It's not last minute yet.

Church doesn't start for another 10 hours!

Here's an idea for a kids talk if you haven't got it sorted yet.

This one is pitched at little kids.

Good and Bad

Use google to find yourself a set of pictures of things. I'm using - Present, kid crying, cake, friends, and scary dinosaur. Print them out, or powerpoint them onto a screen. I beam up a pic, kids have to say if it is something good or something bad. Final one is Jesus on the cross. I ask kids if that is good or bad. We talk about how it hurt Jesus a lot when he died, so that was bad, but how he died for us so that is good. Then say that today is good friday, explain why it's good - because we remember that Jesus died and that is very good for us.

Go well and happy easter!

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