Saturday, January 21, 2012

work work work work work

I've just finished 3 pupil free days at work.

At the beginning of the year you want the whole school to look just so. Classrooms fresh and bright, grounds clean, everything organised. Not so for us this year. Our main administration building - formally a feature of the school - is without a roof and many of it's walls. There are security fences up to keep the kids (and parents) out of the construction site. There are Q-build guys moving around shifting stuff. Our school hall has been turned into an admin area and staffroom with dividing boards and furniture that doesn't match. Teachers have done a good job in their classrooms but the carpet hasn't been cleaned (no one was allowed on site over the holidays because of the asbestos risk) and there is still a slightly smokey smell hanging around. We had no internet at all until yesterday (and it is still not school-wide (the server room was destroyed)), so everyone's been working off photocopies of photocopies. We start teaching from the national curriculum on Monday, but many are having trouble accessing the resources.

I'm more organised than I've ever been before, but I feel stressed. Just want the kids to arrive so we can get on with it.


  1. I know your visual clutter standards are higher than mine, but it doesn't mean disorganisation!

  2. :(
    Hope the start of the school year can still happen as smoothly as possible for you all. Will pray for you.