Saturday, January 21, 2012

10 things I love about this stage of parenting (this stage = minimum effort, maximum reward)

1. They don't take much looking after.

2. They are all very touchy at the moment. Cuddling me and holding my hand when we're out are popular. I like it.

3. They have good taste in music, which makes driving long distance fun. We put 6 cds into player and then take it in turns to choose a song to listen to. Current faves are Cold Play (track 10 Mylo Xyloto), Greenday (Viva la Gloria), and Tim Freedman (You Weren't in Love With Me). When a nice metaphor comes along, we talk about it.

4. They love having me at school with them. I'll teach Nathan and Joel again this year, but not Micah. (He feels a bit left out but is happy that his classroom is closest to mine. How sweet!)

5. They are great to hang out with. Interesting conversationalists etc.

6. We talk quite a lot about the bad-dog-things that our pups gets up to at night after we go to bed. (We know that she goes out places at night because she sleeps most of the day.) She has a thing for casinos and she spends a lot of time at the pokies. We are disappointed that Andrew's Wilke's reforms won't be coming in. Arry's bad-dog habits are getting expensive.

7. Nathan (#1) and Micah (#3) are now sharing a room and finding joy in each other. They talk about sporting trivia, play Ticket To Ride, play backyard cricket, and listen to ABC radio. This delights me.

8. Joel now has his own room. It is his pride and joy. He keeps it perfect and stays on his bed reading for hours a day. Long time readers will rejoice with me in this!

9. I love it when Micah plays cello. I love that I can accompany him.

10.  I'm paying Joel to me origami Ninja Stars to decorate my classroom. 20c per star. I love that he still sees this as a good deal. I need 30-50 stars...


  1. I agree. I'm enjoying this stage too. A great reward for the madness of the small years (which weren't all that terrible but this is relationally lots more fun). Yesterday we were all playing soccer in the park. The coolest thing of the afternoon was Mum scoring a goal against Dad - one child says to me 'wow, you are so great at sport Mum if you could beat Dad!'. I am so NOT sporty but I'll take all the adoration I can get!

  2. Aw, lovely. Love that Micah now has someone to share his room!