Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We've spent the last 4 days with our friends who are leaving town. Saturday and Sunday we spent unpacking boxes at their new house. Yesterday and today and tomorrow they are staying with us while cleaning up their Brisbane house.  Their kids are melting here with ours.

Moving sucks in so many ways: the filth you find under the fridge, the earth destroying amount of stuff you have to put into boxes at one end and then pull out of boxes at the other end, the sweat of lifting, the heartbreak of unpacking one house, then having to go back to he old house to clean up, the endless, horrible goodbyes, the long hours without a proper internet connection, the emotional upheaval, the exhaustion...

All this for the (probably short lived) buzz of a new situation.

The only thing worse than moving is being the ones that stay put. All the pain*, no buzz.

*Can't complain too much though. I haven't had to go without internet. 


  1. Cleaning up the old house is always the killer for me...
    We've stayed put for nearly four years now. Starting to get restless for the buzz. Not that we would be leaving the area, it's just the house that would change :)

  2. Our landlord told us yesterday that he's selling our house. 10 Feb is when the lease expires.

    We'll be moving again soon. 8th move in 14 years.

  3. One thing worse – an international move! You have to do a whole stack of bureaucracy (and forms) too. No buzz at the new place because you're dealing with culture shock etc. Oh, and if you're becoming a missionary people start to avoid you like you have the plague. That stinks.

  4. This will probably be the most painful leaving you have had to deal with since we started the process (I know it's not our fault!) three years ago. Maybe God was preparing you...

  5. As an MK who moved fairly constantly during my childhood, I did find the goodbyes and upheaval difficult. But I also experienced a huge buzz every time we moved and I'm so grateful for the fascinating experiences I had and great friends I made. Undoubtedly things were harder for my parents, as they had much more responsibility and loss, but Wendy, I hope your kids' experience is as positive as mine.

  6. Me too Joanna, me too. It isn't really true that there is no buzz for me, but usually the responsibilities, exhaustion, and loss totally overwhelm any buzz.

  7. I moved from Perth to a small country town nearly three years ago (and have since moved to another one) after I got married. I figured it was worse to be the one who was leaving than to be left behind. I moved away and had no-one except my husband. At least the friends we left behind still had each other. Maybe it's harder to be the lonely one whether you are the one moving alone or being left behind alone while everyone else moves on.