Thursday, February 13, 2014

Three more Easter songs for littlies

These ones are less annoying than the ones I posted yesterday

1. I’m a Little Chicken (Tune: I’m a little teapot - adapted from something I found online somewhere.)

I’m a little chicken ready to hatch
Peck at my shell and scratch scratch scratch
When I crack it open out I’ll peep
Fluff my feathers, cheep cheep cheep

2. Five Easter Buns (finger play almost exactly the same as 'Five Currant Buns')

Five easter buns in the bakers’ shop
round and fat with a cross on the top
along came a boy with a dollar one day
bought an easter bun and took it away

[How many are left? 1-2-3-4!]
Four easter buns...

3. Here is a Bunny (finger play - spoken. We did this in playgroup years ago. Just remembered it. Not sure where it comes from.)

Here is a bunny with ears so funny (make bunny ears out of two fingers bent over on your left hand)
And here is his whole in the ground (make a circle with your thumb and forefinger on your right hand)
When a noise he hears
He pricks up his ears (stand your two fingers up)
And hops into his whole in the ground (make your bunny (left hand) jump into your right hand whole)


  1. I like these ones :)

    But there's really not much to Easter without Jesus, is there?

  2. No. Not much at all. I wonder why anyone bothers.

  3. I prefer the first two to the ones put up in the other post.

    As for the third (wrong "hole", BTW, unless by "Not sure where it comes from." you mean it's not yours at all and these are lyrics you found somewhere else), well, it's really just a song about rabbits that could be sung any time of the year; there's zero connection with Easter.