Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lord, You Spoke (draft 2)

Okay. I've collapsed this to 4 verses and made the last line consistent across the verses. I've tried to get a logical progression from God speaking creation to God speaking to us through his written word, but like many doctrinal songs, it feels too static. Maybe this is just the territory. Any thoughts?

Lord, You Spoke

1. Lord you spoke
and light shone in the darkness.
The earth took form,
the stars in their array.
Creation born
in life and love and beauty.
Mighty word, speak to us today!

2. Lord you spoke.
Your word brought hope and healing.
The lame could walk,
the blind could see the way.
At your command
the grave released its captives!
Mighty word, speak to us today!

3. Lord you spoke.
Your word, a blade within us,
revealing hearts
and calling all who stray.
Proclaiming grace
A pardon for the guilty.
Mighty word, speak to us today!

4. Lord you speak
so give us ears to hear you!
Renew our minds
and drive our doubts away.
Breathe out your power
and strengthen us to follow.
Mighty word, speak to us today!

sar 2014


  1. Very nice. V1L4 'the heavens their array?'

    The second half of each verse feels like it would be easy to hitch to good music and enjoy singing ... er... mightily. I'm not sure about v. 4 though, in that doesn't have quite the same zing as the other three. YMMV.

  2. Heavens? - Maybe. I'll think on it.

    I've just put up draft 3 - I killed verse 4 and have made it into a chorus instead. Thoughts?