Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Term 4

We didn't head south these school holidays- first time we've stayed put since moving here. It's been a great couple of weeks. It started with a QTC mission team coming and I got to enjoy lots of great company (yes, their trip was all about me!), a family from church came up and we had an afternoon/evening with them, our very good friends from school last year came and we spent a week being tourists with them - looking at crocodiles etc, another couple from church came up and took us out for dinner, and we hung out quite a bit with fun people from up here. We've been the the movies a couple of times, sat in the sunshine, stayed up stupidly late and slept in. I've had some viola lessons, sat in coffee shops and yesterday I did the blue arrow bush walk.

But this idyllic lifestyle can't go on forever. I've got to return to the real world of lunch boxes, before and after school activities and WORK.

Today's the day. I set my alarm for 6am in an attempt to realign my skewed body clock. We leave in half an hour. Micah's got orchestra, I've got choir, then I've got 4 lessons then another choir, 5 lessons then staff meeting, swimming training, art class and brass band. Then evening bible studies etc.

Such will be life for ten weeks.

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