Friday, August 9, 2013


Amish romances.

3 down, 2 to go.

Want to knock 150 pages over tonight.


  1. Does it make you want to bake bread and live the simple life? You don't need to read the other 2. I've read a few Amish fictions in my time and I could probably tell you the outcome without even knowing the plot if you want to save some time.

  2. I'm amused at the idea of Simone baking bread...sorry, Simone, that probably means the next post will be a bread recipe?

    Can you give me a couple of title names (if you'd recommend any of them)? Not that I have much time to read right now, but I'm looking for some light stuff for the next school holidays to balance out all the heavier stuff on my reading list...

  3. Now, there's light and then there's... well... bad.

    The best of the 5 I've read in the last fortnight is the 'Daughters of Caleb Bender' series. Google it. All 5 use the word chuckled far too often. The three (fairly short) books in the Caleb Bender series use it 65 times. I counted (well, my kindle reader counted!)