Monday, August 5, 2013

Prayer for Sydney's Archbishop election this week.

Sovereign Lord,

As the Sydney Synod votes this week, please make our greatest desire not that 'our man' will be elected, but that you will be glorified in us and in our world. Thank you for providing Sydney with two nominees who are passionate for the cause of the gospel and who love you. Please guide the Synod so that they select the man who is best skilled to lead the diocese in proclaiming your word to the world, compelling the lost to seek you, and your people to love and serve you whole heartedly. As people speak for one candidate or another, guard their lips from lies, half truths and slander. Give them insight into their own hearts so that they will see their own biases. Let them so trust in your Lordship that they won't think it necessary to exaggerate their claims. Let those who vote see the strengths and weaknesses of both candidates clearly. Help them cast their votes, not on party lines, but on thoughtful and prayerful consideration. Please equip whichever candidate is elected, so that your church is strengthened and more people come to honour the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,