Saturday, May 4, 2013

West Wing Fans...

Here's a new TV series for you.


It's Danish. It will take you a little while to get used to the subtitles, but you really should watch it.

Wednesday night. SBS.

Or online.

Got an hour now? Give it a go.


  1. Started watching from last week. Gosh, those Danes are good looking and their parks and buildings are beautiful! And the story looks like being highly addictive!

  2. Sadly, I dropped off to sleep in the middle of episode 1. I was struggling with the subtitles before that. So I will have to do an online catch-up at a more wakeful time of the day...

    Chris saw most of it (he was doing cleaning up stuff when it was on so he was up and about). He said it was pretty good.

  3. I've watched the first 2 episodes so far and really enjoyed it :). Thanks for putting me onto it! Cathy