Saturday, May 18, 2013

Syd Ang Archbishop Election

I know that Cairns is a long way from Sydney and that I'm a communion card carrying Presbyterian, but I'm really interested in the Sydney Anglicans' Archbishop elections. A few reasons.

1. I have so enjoyed hearing gospel centred, sensible Christian comments on current events by the out going Archbishop, Peter Jensen. It makes it easier to be a Christian when there's a voice in the media saying good stuff. I can watch Q and A with my mum and say, "I like what he said. What do you think?" Not so much when the Christian on telly is a right wing raving fundy or a wishy washy liberal or a confused Catholic. Even though I'm not from Sydney or an Anglican, I've felt that the Sydney Anglican Archbishop has spoken for me more than anyone else. So I'm interested in who the next one will be.

2. Andrew and I went to Moore College. We feel indebted to and connected with the Sydney Anglicans even though we've not lived there for 11 years. We know people, we read stuff, we care what happens.

3. I find politics of any sort interesting. (I loved the US election last year! I'm hoping our federal one this year is good (not looking great so far.)) Church politics are interesting too. Both of the guys who are nominated are good candidates. They are gospel loving men with various strengths and weaknesses. I'm fascinated by the non-campaigns that are happening. I have my opinions.

Anyway, here's a prayer.

Sovereign Lord,

As we talk about this election and as the Synod votes, please make our greatest desire not that 'our man' will be elected, but that your Kingdom will advance. Please provide Sydney with an Archbishop who is passionate for the cause of the gospel, who loves you and who is skilled to lead the diocese in proclaiming your word to the world, compelling the lost to seek you, and your people to love and serve you whole heartedly. We are convinced that [candidate x] is the best person for the job but we know that you see what we can’t see. In the coming weeks please guide the process so that the right person is elected. As we speak for our candidate, guard our lips from lies, half truths and slander. Let those who vote see the strengths and weaknesses of both candidates clearly. Help them cast their votes, not on party lines, but on thoughtful and prayerful consideration. Please equip whichever candidate is elected, so that your church is strengthened and more people come to honour the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,


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