Friday, January 31, 2014

New lyric

1. Sovereign Lord who made the earth
and rules in every nation,
grant that we have eyes to see
the breadth of your salvation.
To every soul in every place,
the nearest and the farthest,
let us speak your word of grace.
The fields are ripe for harvest!

2. Sovereign Lord, your word is true
and you alone will triumph.
So we stand, our strength in you
and face our fears, defiant.
No enemy can thwart your plans
the threats of men are empty
Your word is life for every man
It’s light and hope and mercy.

3. Give us hearts that yearn for you
And wonder at your glory
Let our lips delight to speak
and tell salvation’s story
The fields are ripe, so let us go
The days are quickly passing
We reap the harvest, take it home
to you in joy unending.

sar 2014


  1. I like this so, so much. I like that it's all about who God and what he's done impacting on how we live our lives now. I don't think there are many songs that gird us up with the gospel and encourage us to commit to proclaiming it. Years ago, We Have the Words (of eternal life) did this, as did Let Your Kingdom Come but both are getting a bit (in the case of the former, a lot) old now, so yay for your song!

  2. Great! My only slight quibble is that 'farthest' feels a bit strange... But I would love to be able to write lyrics this beautifully!