Monday, November 4, 2013

baptism prayer

Loving Father.

In your great mercy you’ve given new birth to x, y and z. We thank you for the way you’ve sovereignly guided their lives, putting them in the right place to hear your gospel. We thank you for opening their hearts so that they could turn to you. But most of all we thank you for Jesus, whose death and resurrection freed them from your wrath and welcomed them - along with all who believe - into eternal life. 

Father, it is a joy for us to see x, y and z professing their faith in you today. Please hold on to them through the trials and challenges ahead. 

Father, your love for us is unchanging, but we acknowledge that we are so quick to turn from you. In a beat, our hearts move from passion to complacency. Our lips, from praise to cursing. Our hands so quickly stop building up and start tearing down. Father, despite the professions that x, y and z have made here today, what is certain is that they will sin. Thank you that your forgiveness is even more sure than their failures. When they sin, teach them to repent quickly. Lead them to the cross of Jesus so that they can find peace with you and wonder again at your mercy that makes fresh start after fresh start possible. 

Father, please protect x, y and z from the snares of the devil. Provide them with friends who will speak your word to them. Gift them to serve in your church. Let them shine as lights in the world so that the name of Jesus may be known and honoured.


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