Monday, September 30, 2013

Okay. Back to regular programming...

What shall we talk about? Ideas?

I've been getting into some BBC Jane Austen. Pleasant.

Also, playing a bit of 500. With the kids and with the i500 app. The kids are harder to beat.

You? Done anything interesting lately?


  1. I've discovered a new author whose novels I can become obsessed with - I've read one of his lesser known books from the library and now must read his best-known, the Number 1 Ladies Detective agency.

    I've had two weeks 'off' work (lots of meetings though) and got back into it today. Lots of autism. Fascinating stuff.

  2. Does a hernia operation count? If not...well, I grew a beard. It's got about three weeks left to live.

  3. We've got friends to planning to retire and move to Cairns next year. They went on holidays, loved the place, visited the pressy church, felt warmly welcomed. So now we've got an excuse to come and visit. :)

  4. Helen - Have you read the Isabelle Dalhousie series? I loved the first few books of it.

    Anthony - Yes. A hernia op counts as interesting. Not the beard though. Why wait 3 weeks? Razors are fairly readily available.

    Deb - That's great. Who are they? Did I meet them?

    1. I think you did meet them. They were definitely there on a Sunday when both you and Andrew were there - they remembered you when I excitedly said, "Cairns?? Did you say Cairns?? I kind of know someone there!"

    2. I'll be playing dress-ups at the trivia night fundraiser for our local high school scripture board. I'm the chairman, so have to make an effort. Plus, we'll win again with any luck, and it's important to look one's 18th century best.

    3. Deb - I was the one behind the piano!

      Anthony - Of course. But there are stick on beards you can buy.

    4. Ah, I found out they've already bought their house in Cairns but are renting in out for a few years till they retire. So, you might be waiting a while. Sigh. But I think they are going up pretty regularly for holidays so they'll no doubt be at Cairns Presy when in town.