Monday, July 22, 2013


Many my enemies, many my sorrows
Many my troubles about and within
Many the promises that I can cling to
God is my refuge I shelter in him

Steady, my soul, for there’s hope in the anguish
steady, my soul, you have no need to fear
lay down and sleep for the Lord will sustain you
steady, my soul, for salvation is near 

I will not fear though the armies are gathering
Storm clouds descend yet I stand unafraid
God is my helper, my shield and defender
Salvation is his, he will come to my aid.

sar 2013


  1. Great, Simone. Simple but substantial.

  2. Thanks guys. I almost didn't post it because I thought it might be lame...

  3. That's beautiful, I love it, glad you posted it.

    Could the first two lines of the last verse be less triumphant? The person who is singing the first two verses is clearly quite afraid and seeking help - I'm not sure that having no fear is possible in the third, but standing firm in the face of the armies despite trembling knees is doable with God's help. "I will stand firm though the armies are gathering/though I am trembling I won't run away" but you could do better than that.