Friday, December 24, 2010

top 5 things about Nathan

It's Nathan's birthday tomorrow. Given his commitment to the blogosphere, I thought it appropriate to mark the occasion here - in list form because nothing beats a list for succinct and interesting briting (blog-writing).

Top 5 things about Nathan Campbell

1. He shares a birthday with Jesus. That's special. He also has other similarities with Jesus, like putting himself out for other people.
2. Nathan (with his omni-competent wife, Robyn) has been a student minister at our church this year. Andrew and I like this.
3. Nathan has a fast mind. Really fast. He can think and type twice as fast as I can think or type.
4. Nathan never finds fault or criticises something without being 100% committed to finding a solution for the problem. In fact, criticising is not really what Nathan does. He put's his mind to work at fixing stuff.
5. He trawls the internet and discovers gold. Without Nathan, I'd never have benefitted from the ministry of this guy.

Happy birthday. Hope you get some presents not wrapped in christmas paper.

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